Washington D.C. five-piece Brett is a few weeks away from its Cascine self-titled debut LP, which features the brand new 'Golden'. The indelible dance-happy single throws in a curious, cycling invite, asking; "Hey, do you wanna get high?" That seems to be an across-the-board invitation for excess, but on 'Golden' Brett narrows the idea to a lofty day dream spectacle.

Thrown along the party-hearty mantra, Brett's combs together some glossy new wave aesthetic; roving atmospheric synth echoes and jumpy pop principle. It's a track that seems to be comfortable all over the map, and for the band's sake it works.

Stream 'Golden' below and pre-order the Brett LP today on Cascine. The first 100 pre-orders will come with a limited-edition white vinyl copy of the LP. All orders will be shipped May 6th.

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