US producer Leyephe (pronounced "life") delivers a short (Samiyam style) slice of severely fractured hip hop beats and heavily modulated jazz/funk fusion with his new track 'BroknLoveStory'.

Uniting, swung drums, straight out of the extreme end of the J Dilla handbook of hip-hop production, sidechained to a dusty, old, vinyl sample consisting of female vocals and lush strings, Leyephe delivers a tune that although smooth and head noddy, definitely eres towards the more experimental tendencies of the West Coast Beat Movement - the aforementioned Samiyam, or the severely broken beats of Daedalus or Dibia$e - rather than the more straight up approach to instrumental hip-hop, taken by people like Dabrye or Teebs.

It is short, but its weirdness makes up for that. It is simple, but the choice of samples is what makes the track work. Next time though, I would like to hear a full length track that has a progressive arc but still utilised the techniques on show, rather than a single heavily, modulated vinyl sample replete with wonky drum work. Check it out below!