Hailing from sunny Los Angeles, singer-songwriter Brooke Aulani first got our attention when she released her Bedroom Music EP last spring. Now she's back with a series of new singles, including 'GAMES', which we're super happy to share with you today.

Aulani describes 'GAMES' as "an attempt to capture that confusing and frustrating yet somewhat fun beginning stages of a potential relationship. It's when you can't fully read where the other person's head is at. Do they like me or are they just messing with me? You want to jump in and take a risk and you hope the other person feels the same way."

"I really wanted to mess around with the melody in this song and try something different," she continues. "I wrote parts that captured a few different dimensions of my voice. I started with figuring out the melody that I wanted and then moved on to writing the lyrics. Usually, I find myself writing both at the same time so this was a fresh experience for me."

'GAMES' is a great example of her cool and sensual edge, but don't take our word for it: press play below and find out for yourself.