There's a comforting and welcome buzz coming from Brooklyn artists Charly and Magaux, who together form CHARGAUX.

The two classically trained musicians drift between modernist R&B, jazz, and tempered pop to form an impossibly unique structure, building steam after debuting covers of acts like Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar. In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, CHARGAUX discussed how the two originally met.

"I used to work this corporate job," Margaux said. "I was on my lunch break and right by Bank Of America I saw this girl playing the violin with cool hair and dope clothing and said, 'Hey, I play viola.' I said we should jam sometime. I meant to send a text message to my mom after saying I met this really cool girl, but I accidentally sent it to her. And she wasn't creeped out by it. The next day we played together on the same corner that I saw her."

In a remarkable turn of events, CHARGAUX were actually plucked to perform for Opening Ceremony's Resort 2015 Presentation after a rep spotted their performance in the subway. Since then, whirlwind upward has begun.

Get a feel for the duo's forthcoming Broke And Baroque EP, coming later this year with 'I'm So Pretty' below.