There are moments of collective ambiguity that breathes life into ambient music. It's the listener's own creative zenith that fuels what the artist is originally crafting. And although the artist may have had a completely different mindset when constructing their work, there's a shared sense of meaning when both forces interact on the same medium.

Durham, North Carolina producer CALAPSE (Reed Benjamin) gifts a buoyant, resonant impact on 'Forget That', the opening track to his recently released debut You Know How I Feel. The sharp, dreamy crystalline production breathes like hectic dreams, evoking stirring shifts of colors and waves, faded into the sampled echoes of "forget ... forget ..." And while the images created may be entirely different to the listener, Reed divulged what went into the production.

"I felt this was the right tone to open the record," he says. "For me the song feels vulnerable, melancholy, and yet whimsical and wide-eyed. I wrote the song to reflect feelings of uncertainty of where my life was at the time, and used it as a vehicle to urge myself to look forward. I have an Alan Lomax LP featuring recordings of Baptist hymns and I took the vocal sample from a preacher’s sermon. The original line was 'We are preaching our own funerals as we go through this life. Don’t forget that.' That line really stuck with me and this is a way of reminding myself of that message."

Listen to 'Forget That' below and grab Benjamin's You Know How I Feel today on Bandcamp.

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