Burger Records is a Southern California record store and label run by three music geeks who are releasing a seemingly endless stream of short run rock 'n' roll oddities on cassette and vinyl. Oh, and digital.

(One of) The latest of these is Sonnyskyes' The Imaginary Friend Ship. Well, it looks like Burger are taking care of the cassette and Sonny is doing the LP. So to speak. Anyway, aside from a deep love of meteorology, Sonny makes fuzzy rock gems with lashings of buzzing analogue synths surrounding these wonderful, messy jams. It's a good reminder that music can actually be fun.

With the short press cassette scene growing and growing, this little label might be a good place for you to mail order from, if this format is your thing. They know what’s good and Sonnyskyes adds some fresh tones to a seemingly bulging discography. Find out more on their website and you can check out 'Call On The Moonbeams' from the weather fan below.