Camera Shy, or Nick Bassett of Whirr, Nothing (formerly of Deafheaven) and Alexandra Morte (former vocalist of Whirr) have decided to work together on this new project, and it's absolutely lovely. Their previous release 'Spin Me' was "gleaming with pristine indie-pop polish," and their new single 'Come Around' is much of the same - not that it's a bad thing. It's taken from the group's debut EP Jack-o-Lantern, due out on Run for Cover on 25 June. Drawing influences from The Cardigans, The Sundays, and The Softies, 'Come Around' is a gorgeous tune that pairs Morte's effortless and sweet vocals over Bassett's pop-minded melodies.

Listen below.

  • Tracklist:
  • 1. Secret Word
  • 2. Come Around
  • 3. Over and Over
  • 4. After Hours

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