Holy shit. Let me catch my breath... Ok.

Not only does Dan Snaith have the best artwork (I mean look at it, that's pretty right?) he has the best tunes. He also has the best studio tricks to make those tunes sound even better. I mean, first I went for my big speakers and jammed it out loud, which was a rush, then I dug out my good headphones and drifted internally for a little while, busting moves that onlooking strangers could not comprehend, but I still can't quite believe it. Caribou is back. Caribou is better than ever. Jesus. I didn't even know that was possible. Caribou is back and better than ever.

What we have in Dan Snaith is a master craftsmen. Not only with sound, where he is blessed as one of this generations greats, clearly... just listen through headphones, but this guy understands the human condition, he understands the ebb and flow we need to peak as one. With 'Can't Do Without You' he has mastered suggestion by repetition. The mantra like title paints a picture of your own choosing with your memories, as the music grows and grows and grows, and when you think it's peaked, it grows some more. It is the most glorious crescendo imaginable. I swear I will break something dancing to this before the night is over.

Of course, there is an album coming. It's called Our Love and it's out at the start of October. It could be this song and nine tracks of silence and it'd still be a contender for album of the year. 'Can't Do Without You' is the most invigorating dance track of the year so far. It's set the benchmark for everyone else but I doubt it will be topped, oh god what a song. Amongst all this breathless hyperbole I've realised that October is three months away. Three goddamn months of waiting.

How many times can you listen in three months do you think?

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