Car Seat Headrest are still flying high on the success of last year's blockbuster Teens Of Denial, so it will probably still be a little while before we get a proper follow up. However, Will Toledo is known for his prolificness and is always likely to have something up his sleeve, as he has shown today by releasing a new track called 'War Is Coming (If You Want It) [March Mix]'. As suggested by the title, it's quite a downer lyrically (although it's "a song about not murdering people"), but delivered in Toledo's earnest and cathartic style, it still rocks and seeps into you.

The track is available now to listen to or buy from Car Seat Headrest's Bandcamp for $2 or more. It is the next offering in a Bandcamp initiative to raise money for the Transgender Law Center, and will only be available for 24 hours, before they move on to the next song in the programme. Read more about Bandcamp's collaboration with artists and labels in support of the Transgender Law Center on the official page.