Update: Thanks to DoDotMen (via FACT) you can watch the trailer below.

If the sun's appearance isn't enough to kinda guarantee you better week than usual, then stick on Carousel's new track, 'Wolf’s Awake', to prolong a perkier mood. The LA-based duo - graduates of Boston's Berklee College of Music, the same institution that brought us Passion Pit - have created something 'ooh' worthy within the rich, textured electro depths of 'Wolf's Awake'. Comprised of Kevin Friedman and Jackson Phillips, Carousel sound a bit like a less OTT MGMT.

Combined with peaceful vocals and smattering drum beats, the radiant track is taken from the duo's new EP, Palms, which follows up their well-received free download EP 26 Allston. Palms is out on 5th August.