It appears that 2013 is the year in which musicians under, and around, the legal drinking age in the UK are finally starting to come out of the woodwork and nabbing themselves radio air time. Lorde and Chlöe Howl are already making big things of themselves, with frequent Radio 1 plays. Music definitely appears to be going the way of football, with the most promising getting younger and younger every year. They still can’t legally get into a pint at the local though!

/please/, as well as having the most un-googleable name since Friends, is another one of these rising stars. The pseudonym of 18-year-old Ellen Davies from Bristol, she's already bagged herself a support slot with Porcelain Raft, and is now releasing a new track on "ghost white" cassette next month entitled 'Chevrons'.

With seemingly disconnected and alien vocals that seems very reminiscent of Kate Bush in '50 Words for Snow', it oozes the feeling of a relaxing sunset. A simple guitar track that sounds like someone has sat themselves under a tree with their guitar as the sun goes down and people gather around to just play (except you don't have the intense feeling to smash the guitar as the smug git is clearly just doing this to show off) leads the way, with a slightly frenzied but ultimately subdued riff bubbling somewhere in the background.

'Chevrons' is a track that is quite easy to lose yourself in. Throwing on a pair of headphones and just being transported to somewhere much more peaceful.

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