There are few people as honest as children, and Ed Cares, or London-based musician Childcare, probably knows that better than anyone. When he isn't busy creating new music, he spends his time working as a nanny and frequently gives the kids he works for the first taste of that new music, putting it on as he drives them to school.

We first caught wind of Childcare's enthusiastic and fiery music when we premiered his debut EP Flush in October of last year, which caught the ear of BBC Introducing, tons of tastemaker blogs, and he even earned a bit of Twitter praise from Bastille. He's poised to make this year even bigger with the release of a new EP, and we're thrilled to bring you the first listen of its blistering debut single 'Diesel Therapy'.

Admittedly, it took me a few listens to understand what exactly Cares is saying through most of the track (shout out to my living in the states for my entire life and never having visited England), but on that first listen I immediately fell in love with its electrifying energy and fast-paced, punk rock mentality. There's little doubt he brings the same energy to his live set, and you'll be able to see it for yourself when he plays The Islington in London on 29 April. For now, though, inject your evening with a dose of sonic caffeineby streaming 'Diesel Therapy' below!

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