No-one is entirely sure what is going on with the promotion for Childish Gambino's third album, Because Internet. A 14-second trailer which is mostly his face, a lyrics video for '3005' which is him chatting to porn star Abella Anderson on cam; the actor/writer/rapper also got annoyed, not at the fact that recent single 'Sweatpants' was leaked, but that it being leaked messed up his "creative roll-out". For latest single, 'Telegraph Ave', that creative roll-out merely sees him retweeting a link to download the song from former The Wire and Friday Night Lights star Michael B Jordan.

Named after the famous strip in Oakland (or perhaps even the Michael Chabon book of the same name), it brings to mind the more relaxed of Drake tracks. Woozy synths and 808 handclaps accompany Glover mostly singing about a relationship so intrinsically linked to Oakland. There's not too much clever word play or pop culture referencing which usually litter Glover's work; this is very much a more laid back, palm trees swaying while you bake in the sun thinking about the one that got away kind of track which his two previous albums have had at least one of among tracks and tracks and tracks of Glover spitting sharp lyrics.

Listen below, or download it from here.