Lovely lovely remix of 'Polaroids' by Jay Prince right now. The original is mellow, chilled, undeniably groovesome. We actually premiered it, alongside huge interview with the man himself, too – and you should check it out. The remix comes from a 21-year-old Polish producer called Chloe Martini. She's always remixing stuff (I mean just check her SoundCloud, it's full of nice remixes like how'd-u-make-this-song-better style) and this is the latest one

She adds warm lounge chords, an altogether richer atmosphere, adds skittering hi-hats and a more flavourful beat, generally manages to get this track to mellow further than it already was. It's honestly so great to hear those 4th / 6th / 7th chords and their progressions in a jazz-tronic remix of a rap track from London - a fucking tasty cocktail of genres. MODERNITY.