I have written about music on The 405 for over five and a half years. It has grown, as have I, through many different changes over the years. I've spent a terrifying amount of time hunting out music that makes my particles dance, operating with sleep deprivation so that I can share with you the things that I love, and cancelling everything to stay up until dawn to finish whatever it is that I'm writing. There are times when I'm finishing work and about to drive home on 30 minutes sleep that I question why I do what I do. I think about stopping. I think that nothing can be worth the hassle and the stress and the endless inbox full of average to wade through. It is easy to get bogged down and forget why you started in the first place.

...and then something like 'Choreograph' appears, and it's the most exciting blend of about thirty styles, and it's making me dance, and oh my god I can't stop turning it up, and oh my god I just have to write about this.

The thing is, if I stopped tomorrow, I'd want to stay awake forever so it never came. I'm driven. I'm driven by music like this. Gilligan Moss submitted this track to us and it is simply, just, fucking, wonderful. This is the reason I do what I do. Here is the motivation. Hearing something like this for the first time and knowing. Knowing with every piece of my brain that this needs to be shared. It needs to be screamed about because it is just so goddamn good and oh shit, I want to be the one that screams about it. With or without sleep, sanity, friends, money, spare time, whatever, whoever, however. I want to be the one screaming about music this good. I will never get over the feeling that hearing something like this gives me, and I will never stop wanting to share that feeling with other people. So...

Hit play. Turn your speakers nice and loud. Wait as it crackles and glitches its way in. Turn it up some more. Lose yourself.

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