Haley Fohr has been making music as Circuit Des Yeux for a long time - since she was 18 in fact. She has already released four full-length albums under the moniker, and the last of those, 2015's In Plain Speech, was something of a breakthrough for Fohr, and certainly caught the attention of Drag City, who signed the artist for the release of her fifth album.

This week Circuit Des Yeux has revealed that the next full length will be called Reaching For Indigo and comes out on October 20th. Judging from lead single 'Paper Bag', she is set to continue her exploration into the personal through psychonautic sounds. The burbling, aquatic sounding single is the kind of beguiling mixture of bare-bones songwriting and delightful artifice that Circuit Des Yeux managed on her last album, and promises more of the same from Reaching For Indigo. Listen to 'Paper Bag' below, which comes accompanied by a lyric video directed by U.S. Girls' Meg Remy.

Reaching For Indigo track list:

01. Brainshift
02. Black Fly
03. Philo
04. Paper Bag
05. A Story of This World Part II
06. Call Sign E8
07. Geyser
08. Falling Blonde