If you're looking for some strange, enthralling, and just all around incredibly interesting new electronic music, look no further than the debut record from Clarence Clarity. The 20 track album - which drops next week on Bella Union - is a clusterfuck of crazy beats and melodies that when spelled out on paper probably shouldn't work together, but he manages to turn them into something beautiful and eccentric. Read what he has to say about NO NOW below:

The NO NOW is my bubble of clarity. The ongoing wow hovering in stasis, with the blinds down and the world a forgotten dream. This album happened in that non-moment. Your past is what you make of it, and your future's quite literally set in stone - and are you tired of chasing the present?

This album can be a constant reminder of the infinite flexibility of an absurd universe. You are free if you want to be. And there will be no shame. Don't worry about leaving your mark - the cosmos couldn't care less about Mozart or Einstein or Jesus of Nazareth. And even less about you.

But go for broke - when you're lying on your death bed, looking out into that golden ocean sunset you'll want something exciting to flash before your eyes - something good before the ultimate NO NOW.

This album is the exorcism of everything i've ever learned. It's all left me now - no more human condition left to give. This is the album i've had to make. And now I can bow out ungracefully - Creator and destroyer of my own worlds.

The NO NOW will never end, because it never began.

  • April Headline Shows:
  • Apr 07 - Oporto, Leeds
  • Apr 08 - Hare and Hounds, Birmingham
  • Apr 09 - Hoxton Bar and Grill, London
  • Apr 11 - Louisiana, Bristol
  • On Tour with Jungle:
  • Feb 27 - The Leadmill, Sheffield
  • Feb 28 - Rock City, Nottingham
  • Mar 03 - Roundhouse, London
  • Mar 05 - The Assembly, Leamington Spa
  • Mar 06 - UEA, Norwhich

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