UK electronic producer Clark is a month away from dropping Feast/Beast, a double album culling together remixes of his tracks and remixes that he has produced.

Today Clark unveiled a brand new track off the upcoming collection, delivered during the mastering process of the record. In his latest remix to date, Clark reworks Barker & Baumecker’s exuberant ‘Spur'. Clark focuses on the syncopated synth lines, slowing them into suggesting a darker mood that envelops the entire track. With his trademark percussive sound, the remix builds in intensity before gradually fading away into silence. Clark fans get an extra special treat with the accompanying animated video from Cyriak, all surreal images that fold over themselves looping and crawling to the music.

Feast/Beast, featuring remixes of Depeche Mode, Amon Tobin, and Massive Attack to name a few, arrivesSeptember 16 via Warp records.

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