There's a remix competition going on right now for 'Say My Name' by Seattle-based production duo ODESZA. It's a contest of skill, strength and agility (not to mention bonus beauty points) - who dares remix the primal bubbling pop wildlife of this track? One brave man steps forward. I WILL DO IT, he says. His name is cln. He is from Brisbane.

At first glance I thought this was another in a long, long line of Destiny's Child remixes (making this a remix of a remix of a remix), but it wasn't, which is nice. cln's treatment of the track is wonderful, it's a minimalist jam in which he gets his trap on with sparse drums whose hi-hats tick time as we go, whose snares are thin and reverbing; beneath this a leviathan mass of bass snakes its way around. Perfect tempo for sleepy head-nodding.

The original vocals from singer ZYRA get layered and chopped, stuttering before cln's penchant for massive walls of rich synth chords is satisfied – they fill your ears, wonderfully balanced with the beat. It's a whole lot less busy than the original, more chilled, and bursting with simple thought-drowning dynamism.

If you like this, vote for it to win the competition!

Also, you might be interested in ODESZA's album In Return, from which 'Say My Name' is taken' – stream it on SoundCloud if so.