There's nothing like being surprised. In these saturated times, we tend to hear something new and file it in a compartment right away. That can sometimes, possibly often, do the music a disservice.

This largely anonymous duo from Brighton might actually be trio, including a visual artist in their numbers, but even confirming this is hard. With 'Closer', Regal Safari have taken chillwave or future beats, or whatever this music might be called, and extended its reach. This is the sonic equivalent of seeing a computer model of a morphing, evolving galaxy at a planetarium. But it also inhabits some of the shady urban corners that Burial did on his first album. However, where those beats are stalking you from the shadows, these are clearer, a little sharper around the edges.

Nebulous, echoing vocal samples, lines from what could be a processed guitar and fuzzy analogue synths wrap around this tracks strong heartbeat. It’s a bit more cerebral, a bit deeper than your standard ambient track and all the stronger for it. Personally, I’d love to hear these guys over a full length record, but for now, 'Closer' is close enough.