Cocorosie have shared a new track from their yet-untitled forthcoming new album. 'Heartache City' was recorded live in Milan and then unveiled via their Soundcloud page, where they explain that "the studio version of 'heartache city' will be part of our new album, which will come out on Friday September 18th. We've got more surprises coming soon, but first this...enjoy!"

"Going back to a '4-track' style approach, we limited ourselves to essential, acoustic accompaniment, played by us, and select percussion, toys from our old suit cases dating back to the La Maison days," they say of the album's recording process in a statement. "Unlike our more psychedelic/electronic explorations of the last two records, our latest songs have a dusty southern feel with old-timey poetry. We ended up in Argentina where we finished the recordings and mixed the record with engineer Nicolas Kalwill with whom we've worked on two previous records. The spirit of Buenos Aires added to our already teen-romance-nostalgic-mood where we spontaneously shot a music video casting over 30 local girls."

Stream 'Heartache City (Live)' below.