London's Comet Gain are the type of band that inspire cult-like fervour while remaining grounded, their songs remaining lovably lo-fi even this far into their career. Even with 20 years of existence and more than half a dozen albums released, a 4 year gap like the one they've had since last album Paperback Ghosts is enough to make people start to wonder if they'll ever resurface. Gladly, they announced their re-emergence last week, with a new record label, a new purpose and audibly a new lease of life, as displayed on the songs we have for you today 'If Not Tomorrow' and 'I Was A Mess Then', which come from a projected album in the near future.

They tell us that the 14 new songs that will be on the album are "a bunch of songs we intended to record fast and with feeling, accidents as important as the meant parts." The first songs to be shared from the album 'If Not Tomorrow' and 'I Was A Mess Then' will be coming out on 7" single through Tapete on October 5th, but you can hear them below.

Comet Gain's David Feck tells us that they are "Two short pop songs in no particular order with repeated choruses and easy urgent things to sing, done with fast fingers and beating hearts - the way 45' singles should be. Play loud in daylight.”

The fast fingers and beating hearts apply to both songs lyrically, too, with Comet Gain's ripe emotion sounds as vital here as it did 20 years ago, especially when brought into life with the winsome whimsy they naturally produce in their bright and scrappy instrumentation. So you should go ahead and "play loud in daylight" right now:

You can get more information about the new single ahead of its October 5th release here.

Comet Gain haven't confirmed the details of the new album yet, but they do tell us that it "has songs about Victor Jara and all the students and teachers and poets buried with bullet holes because they believed in life, about werewolf jackets, burning tower blocks, local groups of suburban Rosicrucians starting psychic wars against the state, anthems against the moron-isation of the world, and girls with melted minds and their fears of the open door. About fireraisers being those that know to tear down the moron empire that's making a coffin for the future you have to burn their palaces to the ground, raising fire and trouble, and love and some kind of prayer that the cinders will begat flowers."

So you'll of course want to stay abreast of what's happening with that album by following Comet Gain on Facebook.