Following last week's unveiling of her new video for 'Cezanne', Danish musician Cæcilie Trier (CTM) has debuted yet another track from her 8-track "mini" album Suite For a Young Girl with the instrumental take 'Return Of The Hunters'.

On her newest release, the singer, cellist, and composer moves away from traditional pop maneuvering, instead bringing in methodical and morose sweeps of orchestration with her father Lars on guitar. The work serves as a theme for the 1565 painting by well-known Flemish artist Pieter Bruegel the Elder called "The Hunters In The Snow", which is currently held at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna.

Trier explains her motives, saying; "I tried to illustrate the painting like a continuum of this image. It features a myriad of characters in a wide landscape of white snow and black trees, and from the left enters some worn out hunters and miserable dogs. It looks like they are returning to the village with very little prey, only a skinny fox on a stick. It also looks like a very severe cold winter, the sky is overcast and everything is calm and mute, like everything is quiet when there is snow and no wind. There are always many different actions occurring in one picture, and he is often portraying a landscape and within a wide frame. He pictures the life of Belgian peasants, their manners, for example community events like a wedding where a band is playing and people are eating porridge and dance and look like very tough people. Or people harvesting, hunting, also biblical stories set in renaissance Belgium. I am very fond of his images. This weekend I saw the painting in real life, in the Art History Museum of Vienna. He painted the tower of Babel and the assassination of all the boys in a Belgian village, I dont remember the title, they had a whole room of his paintings in that old Habsburger Palace."

Listen to 'Return Of The Hunters' below and look out for Trier's upcoming mini-album Suite For a Young Girl, arriving January 22nd on Danish label Tambourhinoceros.