Brooklyn resident and producer CUBBY takes us into the trip hop-seasoned world of his latest track 'Cold'.

Set to a swaying languid beat, reverbing in the chill of soft, hollow synth chords, the song features crooning sensual vocals from Kwane, full name Kwane Wyatt – who recently provided additional background vocals on 'Ghost/Haunted', from Beyoncé's latest self-titled sensation – and a fluid confident rap from as yet unknown rapper Current.

It reflects not only the cold of the season (bring on summer!) but the perceived coldness of personality, with the refrain "frozen underneath / my heart won't bleed" as Kwane sings in the chorus, and Current politely expressing himself: "Please save me from my misery."

The last quarter or so of the song is characterised by harder kicks, more distortion on Current's vocals – words carrying even more pathos – an added thickness to the blizzard of glacial synth that whirls in and out of the percussion. These three artists work together perfectly, the two vocalists complimenting each other as CUBBY creates a finely textured, sad and wintry atmosphere.

What's more interesting to note is that this is the only track on any of their SoundCloud pages. 'Cold' is quite possibly the spark that will light a genuine bonfire of buzz.

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