Amongst all the unauthorised and in many cases, unnecessary remixes of Adele's 'Hello' (the less said about that Rick Ross remix the better) New Orleans' leading lady D∆WN (aka Dawn Richard) throws her hat into the area for quite possibly the most interesting take on the track.

Known for her unique hybrid of dance, pop and R&B, D∆WN's version of 'Hello', produced by Swagg R'Celious, takes the track into a new, leftfield world that only she could pull off. Speaking of the cover, she said; "I'm always sceptical about doing covers. If I do them, I usually take them and morph them into my own. For example, when I covered Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse' my producer and I sat down to create a distinct sound for the track. Recreating 'Hello' was no different because I had the urge to cover it in my own way. I just couldn't resist a record that was so well written."

D∆WN is preparing to release her new album The Red Era in the New Year and recently dropped two tracks from the project - 'Hollywould' and 'Dance'.