'Slow' is the first track to be shared from D33J's forthcoming Gravel EP, and it's a slow, deliberate meander through dub, trip-hop and a unique digital rawness that is all his own.

The whole release has quite an interesting story behind it - created during a stint living with 30 members of San Francisco art group The Matrix 1061. Spending all that time in a warehouse space with limited sunlight and endless experimentation - artistic and otherwise has led him to create something truly special and infinitely intriguing.

"It was about self-reflection--trying to replicate the feeling of sitting alone after you get home late, still drunk and on drugs," D33J explains. "You're high and thinking about life and whether these stoned thoughts are even worth anything in the end?"

Somehow, the synthetic nature of 808s and claps meshes perfectly into his softly-softly production and delicately placed vocal snaps. Those vocals by friend and housemate Kreyola, by the way, are cut from stream of consciousness recordings he made whenever he passed D33J's room.

Have a listen below.

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