As soon as 'Dadady' started playing I couldn't help but think of Madonna and 'La Isla Bonita' – whilst they're not really at all similar-sounding, it's got an on-holiday feel. Yet Annie's single is colder, more detached, influenced by the mechanical rigours of sugary, voidsome eurodance and steeped in sad reflection. Why I'm making this comparison is that the latter is the antithesis of the former, and vice versa; two ostensibly ideal holidays: one idyllic and unforgettable, but the other empty and regrettable. Listen to 'Dadady', produced by UK producer Richard X, below.

The holiday, or vacation if you must, is the theme of the EP from which 'Dadady' is taken, Endless Vacation, as any explained to The FADER:

"The Endless Vacation is a dream, but not necessarily a good one. The artwork represents that. Like, a perfect holiday which is actually a disaster. You’re spending time in a wonderful place but with someone who you don’t have anything to talk about with. But if you looked at the holiday photos everything would still look good on the surface. 'Dadaday' is a sad song from this holiday... like you are left alone in the hotel disco."

Endless Vacation is out 16th October via Pleasure Masters.