CUTS, experimental filmmaker and composer Anthony Tombling Jr, will release the music from his film EXIST as two EPs - EXIST 1 and EXIST 2. The 40-minute film is inspired by a H.P. Lovecraft poem and explores Tombling Jr’s own experiences with sleep paralysis and night terrors.

“In 2012 I was involved in a car crash and the resulting shock manifested itself in experiencing sleep paralysis for the first time," explains Anthony. "I was inspired to try and recreate some of those experiences through music and film. It made me view my approach to music in a different way, Exist is a collection of those visions. With all CUTS material, I try to take influence from the non-musical, for instance, an abandoned space. There is a stillness with places that are in slow decay. I try to imagine what that would sound like. In taking influence from things outside of music I feel my own music becomes less tied to comparison. As a composer working this way has been deeply cathartic.”

First single ‘Damages’ is a dystopian vision into feeling helplessness. Tape hissing, droning synths and clever use of distant chanting children all add to the atmospheric panic. However, as the almost 9-minute track progresses, it is not without some hope that things will improve.

EXIST 1 and EXIST 2 will be dual released on April 27th via Village Green.