Daft Punk are back. As in really, really back. Their first single, 'Get Lucky' from their forthcoming Random Access Memories album is a glistening slice of future disco smothered in Nile Rodgers liquid funk guitar. It also has vocals by Pharrell Williams. Pharrell is an ace producer, band member and remixer. With his occasionally awesome N.E.R.D. project and other outings, he likes to sing about sunshine. He also likes to sing about his penis. Where it's been. Where it might be going. And sometimes, where it is right now.

None of this has dissuaded many fans and critics' favourite new purveyors of delicately dark atmosphere, Daughter, from taking that very tune, and making it their own. As in really, really their own. In fact, it seems to have actively encouraged them to stretch.

From the metronomic, sparse beats, glacial guitars and Elena Tonra's whispered vibrato, this has become, in every way, a Daughter song. But, they have given 'Get Lucky' their own sinister kiss, dragging it from the dance floor to a cold, icy basement and tying it to a chair. However, as with all the very best cover versions, the essence of the song remains. And Daughter, like Pharrell, are going to quietly have their way with you.

Take a listen below.