Hero to us all and musical dynamo David Bowie returned to our hearts at the end of last month when he revealed the video for 'Blackstar', the title track for his new album (written as '★') arriving on January 8th - the same date of what will be Bowie's 69th birthday. Now, courtesy of BBC Radio 6, fans can get another listen to the prolific musician's newest cut 'Lazarus'.

Mixed with elements of alternative rock, ambient, and jazz, 'Lazarus' is another exploratory stop in the long and glorious catalog of the music legend, capturing the worthwhile mystique that the veteran singer-songwriter has still wonderfully maintained. Bowie also posted the lyrics to the new song on Facebook for all to see.

Listen to 'Lazarus' via BBC Radio 6 below and pre-order on iTunes before its January 8th release on Iso/RCA.