For a region with the most countries at the top end of the happiness index, Scandinavia sure produces some sombre music. To accompany their pioneering of the mainstream dark electro tones of Scandipop, always full of heart break and despair (Norway's Eurovision Song Contest Entry is the perfect example), they've decided to jump right into shoegaze, a genre that retains the nice pop sensibilities that they love whilst whacking on a whole lot of reverb.

Georgian Waters, from Stockholm in Sweden, are set to brighten things up a little bit, aiming more for the fuzzy twee sensibilities of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart rather than the cacophony of noise that are synonymous with Cocteau Twins.

The jollily titled 'Dead In No Time' has all the makings of a dream-pop smash. With breathy vocals akin to those of Beach House and a riff most definitely inspired by The Cure's 'Just Like Heaven', it's a much less synth driven outing as opposed to previous single 'What Is In Your Heart?'. It does, however, feel a little bit safe; feeling more like a smorgasbord of influences than a smorgastarta where the unusual fit together nicely and come out sounding original and exciting.

Listen below.