Here is some music from a duo located in Malmö, Sweden. I love to type Malmö because it sounds nice in my brain. Malmö.

Anyway, the duo is called Bam Spacey and the music is a track called 'Delar Av En Historia (2002)' – it's Swedish for 'parts of a history'. First time I saw this track I thought, "Hang on, is this not 12 years old?" But um it turns out it's not. It's new!

It's a beautiful track, a galloping foray into a veritable wilderness of noises, insectoid glistenings, unrelenting passage-of-time hi-hat tickings, an actual recording of outside sounds (or bedsprings on loop?), and metallic percussion surrounded by a deep and expansive royal jelly of glossy bass paired with slo-house kicks. Strings set the tone, a chilly, nostalgic atmosphere, joined by warm piano chords as the vocals soar out into an ink-black sky swathed with last summer's stars. VERY PRETTY.

This is taken from Bam Spacey's forthcoming album 1998 which is gonna be out on Ceremony Recordings on 13th October (pre-order if you like).