Brighton's gutsy grunge act Demob Happy are back ahead of their forthcoming debut album with guttural first single 'Wash It Down'. Once again, Demob have successfully launched themselves back into the limelight with their gargantuan guitar sound.

Overdriven and overzealous, the four-piece hold back nothing. 'Wash It Down' is a fiery call to arms tinged with political overtones. Frontman Matt Marcantonio states "It's become too difficult to talk about change and navigate the 'fuck the government' cliché minefield without sounding like a dick." The hook of 'Wash it Down' is effectively a war cry against "trust fund rockers who don't wanna upset daddy's profits" and "pampered MPs".

Monolithic and ferocious; Demob's quarrel with apathy is fully encapsulated within the pulsing vigour of their sound.

Out via SO Recordings on August 14th, stream 'Wash It Down' here on The 405.