Bright young hip-hop spark Dewy Sinatra has been blazing off into the distance for some time now. Weaving old-school beats with ambient electronica, we see an entirely new side to both UK rap and FKA 'post-dubstep'. Last year's 'I Need Love' started it, 'Questions' delved deeper, and now, with Sinatra on the cusp of dropping the Wasted Youth EP, we get to see 'Three Weeks'.

Verging upon psychosis, Sinatra's paranoid decay festers within the red-eyed synth pulses and 808 anguish. Stabs of bass and grime-laced leads worm their way through the track; it's an ode to boredom, to loneliness, to frustration and throttled ambition. It's the neuroses of chronic unemployment, the abyss of social desolation, the insomnia of cold turkey: “I'm going crazy staring at these same four walls everyday,” he coos over noise akin to stuttering dawn.

It's anxious, and relentlessly tense, but phenomenal nonetheless, and gets us even more excited about Sinatra's Wasted Youth EP, released September 1st.

Listen to 'Three Weeks' below.

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