Things are pretty different now for Sam Genders, or the man behind Diagrams. In the two years between the release of his last album Black Light and his new record Chromatics, he's gotten married and moved from the hustle and bustle of London to the fresh pastures of Sheffield. It's that newfound sense of calm and new relationships and friendships that run throughout the themes of the album, as he explains in a press release:

“Relationships are a constant thread. In all their frustrating, exciting, mundane, beautiful, wonderful, sexy, scary, glory," he said, adding “And there's lots of hope in the songs. They shouldn't be taken too literally mind you... in my head Chromatics is life in Technicolor; with all its ups and downs.”

That being said, we're pretty excited to bring you the premiere of his new track 'Gentle Morning Song', the second taste we've gotten so far from Chromatics. For what it's worth, it is pretty gentle, but around the :45 mark it kicks into an upbeat gem of a tune complete with crashing drums and a fun, crisp melody that seems classic even on your first listen - it'll hook you in straight away and have you playing it on repeat.

Right now, Genders is currently in these Chinese city Changsha as a part of a Musician in Residence project commissioned by the British Council and PRS Foundation. With all of the exciting happenings in his life influencing him so heavily on Chromatics to such a fantastic result, his stay in China should yield some pretty fantastic creative endings as well. Listen to 'Gentle Morning Song' below.

If you want to catch him live, he'll be performing at The Lexington in London next month on 21 January with support from Spectral Chorus - tickets are available here.

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