Nashville outfit Diarrhea Planet, which (according to who you ask) may have either the best or worst band name in music today, debuted the brand new 'Spooners' single from the ongoing Adult Swim Singles program.

The 2014 version of the beloved annual singles program has reached its halfway point with 'Spooners', which takes a direct 180 from last week's track 'Coupe' from Atlanta rapper Future. DP shower the effort with blistering, fun punk eerily perfect for your newest drunken anthem.

Catching the riveting 'Spooners' below. The Adult Swim Singles program will continue for seven more weeks, featuring new music from familiar names like Captain Murphy, Deafheaven, Mastodon, and Run The Jewels, among others.

Free downloads of 'Spooners' will be available August 4th.

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