Fresh from announcing details of their new album, Uncanney Valley, The Dismemberment Plan have released their new single... sort of.

If you dial 252-64-DPLAN (we wouldn't recommend doing this outside of the States) you'll be able to hear 'Waiting', the second track from the album.

Uncanney Valley will be released on October 15th via Partisan, and was produced by J. Robbins in Baltimore. [via CoS]

  • Tracklisting:
  • 1. No One's Saying Nothing
  • 2. Waiting
  • 3. Invisible
  • 4. White Collar White Trash
  • 5. Living in Song
  • 6. Lookin'
  • 7. Daddy Was a Real Good Dancer
  • 8. Mexico City Christmas
  • 9. Go and Get It
  • 10. Let's Just Go to the Dogs Tonight

Update: You can now stream the track below.