Naturally, like the rest of the world, we freaked out pretty hard about the new Beyoncé album. Who wouldn't? Fourteen brand new tracks, each with its own music video – it's enough to excite, or at least surprise, the frostiest of critics.

But then again, it's not all about the critics. Fans melt with admiration within the incredible whirlwind of these never-­heard-before songs; and for the more creative in our midst – the makers of music themselves – there is a whole new body of high-­quality, well­-written work from which to lift samples, to remix, rework, edit, re-­rub or otherwise refix.

"Beyoncé's voice is treated like a ghost of its former self..."

It's that last term we're concerned with as London artist Distinction puts his skills to work on slightly spooky Beyoncé track, 'Haunted' – or maybe it's just the video that's a little bizarre. Either way, Distinction's literally just uploaded his refix of 'Haunted', something that rumbles with the same gloaming beats and dark atmosphere that trickles through a lot of the other tracks on his SoundCloud.

It's filled with synth chords laced with cold and the huge pulsing of some hefty bass, all set to a deathly slow and menacing crash of a beat, spiked with icicle hi-­hats, decorated with sprinklings of glistening synth blips. Beyoncé's voice is treated like a ghost of its former self, transformed by clouds of reverb and wrapped up in an all­-encompassing shroud of aching sounds. Taking handfuls of familiar sounds and placing them inside this delicately decorated yet robust carapace, Distinction's version of 'Haunted' not only fits the title, but arrives almost as a reflection of the oncoming freeze of winter.