Paris-born Dream Koala (aka Yndi Ferreira) might only be a teenager, but the music he's been sharing since he first gave birth to the project last year is of a steady, multilayered maturity that you simply cannot stay indifferent to.

Besides having his own residency at Paris' Social Club, he recently played at London's Boiler Room and several festivals including Bestival

"I want to have my own genre by mixing all my influences together," he explains. "To me, everything is connected - be it the genius of Flying Lotus or the ethereal beauty of My Bloody Valentine. When I make music it's like as if I entered an empty room. I feel alone but I feel good. It's like a therapy - I can put out what is inside of me, stuff that i don't really want to talk about. I want to make people think about themselves, make them think about their choices in their life."

His Odyssey EP is now available on iTunes. Listen to his track 'Ocean' (featt. Soko) below.

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