Dan Bejar, the man behind Destroyer, has announced a new album, his first release since 2013's Five Spanish Songs EP, and four years after his last album, Kaputt. The new one is called Poison Season and it'll be available from 28th August on Merge/Dead Oceans.

On release day he'll be dropping a two-song 12", featuring remixes of album tracks 'Forces From Above' and 'Times Square, Poison Season'. For now, sink your teeth into the thumping beat and overall sunny brass feels of 'Dream Lover'.

Pre-order Poison Season here.

  • Poison Season tracklist:
  • 01 “Times Square, Poison Season”
  • 02 “Dream Lover”
  • 03 “Forces From Above”
  • 04 “Hell”
  • 05 “The River”
  • 06 “Girl In A Sling”
  • 07 “Times Square”
  • 08 “Archer On The Beach”
  • 09 “Midnight Meets The Rain”
  • 10 “Solace’s Bride”
  • 11 “Bangkok”
  • 12 “Sun In The Sky”
  • 13 “Times Square, Poison Season II”