The newest signings to Indiana's seemingly forever wonderful Secretly Canadian label are Cayucas, a name derived from their sleepy west coast, surf-kissed hometown.

Stakes are arguably high when releasing music through a stable such as this and Cayucas deliver with a finely crafted, nimble pop gem. Deftly produced by Richard Swift, who has an enviable knack of making records that just sound great, 'East Coast Girl' is going to do nothing to hinder high expectations for their debut album Bigfoot, dropping later this month.

Sweeping Fleet-Foxes-on-a-sunny-day harmonies tell you a story of their own before the first lyric has even been sung. The song skips and handclaps its way on to your good side in an almost effortless breeze, whilst the warmth and husk in front man and main man Zach Yudin's vocal adds weight and character. These guys have been compared to a 'stoned Beach Boys', but that almost does them a disservice. This is widescreen pop at its very best, with a little campfire thrown in for good measure.

Is there a downside? Well, you might not hear a better candidate for sync today, but you can’t begrudge music this good for being sought out. Riding high on previous single releases and an all out win at SXSW, it’s all looking pretty rosy for Cayucas.

Take a listen to 'East Coast Girl', and you might just want to put the album release date in your diary (May 27th).

Tour Dates:

  • 04/18/13 Coachella, CA - FILTER Magazine's Coachella Kickoff Party @ Corona Yacht Club
  • 04/30/13 Los Angeles, CA - Origami Vinyl In-store
  • 05/09/13 Los Angeles, CA - The Echo w/ Hot as Sun & MT. OSSA
  • 05/17/13 Luxembourg, NL - Food For Your Senses Festival
  • 05/18/13 Amsterdam, NL - Tolhuistuin
  • 05/19/13 Paris, FR - L'Espace B
  • 05/21/13 London, UK - The Lexington
  • 05/22/13 Manchester, UK - Soup Kitchen
  • 05/25/13 Barcelona, ES - Primavera Sound Barcelona
  • 05/26/13 Barcelona, ES - Primavera Als Parcs
  • 09/01/13 Salisbury, UK - End of the Road Festival