19-year-old Oxford-based singer Ella Martini has shared with us her latest song, 'Cut The Ties'. It's out tomorrow, Friday 30th October, and is taken from her imminent The Indigo Pages EP.

"Cut The Ties is about new, exciting experiences," explained Martini, talking to us via email. "[It's] about the passion and mystery at the beginning of a relationship. You know, the excitement of seeing how it might unfold." With a unique funk-flavoured instrumental backing her distinctive and acrobatic vocals, distorted arrhythmic guitars and pugilistic drums, that very feeling is illustrated with instant love-at-first-sight precision, and with thumping, heart-shuddering energy.

"I also have a thing where I associate colours with emotions & Cut The Ties is dark blue for me," she added. "That's why I called the EP The Indigo Pages."

You can purchase 'Cut The Ties' from iTunes tomorrow.