In the wake of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, many American politicians are quick to dismiss messages from the teen-aged survivors. The sheer lack of humanity in their treatment of young people in mourning is appalling and stems from a broad sense of entitlement all older generations share. Age doesn’t always account for wisdom, but adults like to think so, as if their life experiences were worth more. But life happens to everyone at different speeds, and for 18-year-old London-based Ellie Occleston, her debut single 'Splinters' embodies a difficult time for her personally, despite her youth. Listen to the premiere below.

“Today I lost my sanity,” Occleston begins, over a sparing piano melody. Though the song is incredibly pained, her voice is anything but, exhibiting immense care with each and every note. The title has some ambiguity, where a “splinter” could mean a fracture, as in unsanded wood or some types of crystals, or it could imply the wound caused by those material imperfections. In a way, Occleston references both, watching her world split apart before her eyes and also feeling acute pain from the experience. “Too fast we fell into the pits of our hell,” she sings in the bridge, alluding to emotions that became too steep to maintain; eventually they turned to bitterness and now all that’s left is a distant ache, one Occleston eventually hopes to face head-on. With her entire life ahead of her, she has plenty of time to try.

'Splinters' will be released via Trellis Records tomorrow. Keep track of Ellie Occleston via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.