Ellinor Olovsdotter aka Elliphant had dropped new track 'Music Is Life' in an attempt to score herself a summer banger.

It's the musical equivalent to over-dosing on a box full of Calippos at a rather feisty BBQ. With a 90s inspired, mock interpretation of the 'Amen Break' and a guitar riff that’s a few chords outside of the Jackson's 'ABC', Olovsdotter smacks you in the face with her musical based philosophy. She ropes in Ras Fraser Jr. for some limp, clichéd ridden vocals which elevate the track to really make you feel like your life is the end credits of a bro-tastic comedy laugh riot. It's hard to gauge the angle of a white, Scandinavian singing in patois. This could be the greatest practical joke of the year. If this is as good as summer gets, I hope it rains for the rest of the year. Stream below.