When the intro to your debut track has the beautiful serenity of floating down a stream at sunset, idly watching the world pass you by; the quietly moving synth strings swelling and vocal harmonies humming, you're off to a good start, really. This is how France/London duo The Naked Eye's 'Embrace Me' begins, sounding like an even simpler yet equally beautifully version of Julia Holter's 'He's Running Through My Eyes', but then it transforms into something wholly different. From floating down a river to walking into the funkiest hotel lobby you've ever been in, this is 'Embrace Me'.

As synths pulse and that funky bass line kicks in, it has that cool lounge jazz feel that Frank Ocean used a fair bit on channel ORANGE. Fingers click and synth pianos and organs provide the base for 'Embrace Me', but the real star of the show is Francesca's beautiful vocals which are tinged with that R&B quality that works so well with this poppy jazz that we've heard so often in the likes of Jessie Ware and Rosie Lowe. Though unlike both, Francesca's are more restrained and less dark, but no less beautiful, really complementing the relaxed feel of the track. 'Embrace Me' is a beautiful debut track that washes over you like a cool wave.

Listen below.

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