Drifter's Temple (out September 9th through Thrill Jockey, 17th in the U.S.) is the fourth album from Portland musician Dewey Mahood, aka Plankton Wat - a project in which he explores both folk and synthesizers sounds as complementary, and full-flowing experimentation as his core energy source.

Recorded at home on a four-track, the album features contributions from Dustin Dybvig (Horse Feathers & Edibles), Matt McDowell (Sagas) and John Rau (Royal Baths & Edibles), and borders the cosmic bliss by forming a tapestry of multicoloured sounds.

Plankton Wat's latest single, 'Empire Mines', catches you somewhere between its beautiful folky melody and the chilled-out psychedelic vibe - imposing visions of endless deserts into your mind and allowing it to breathe through its self-constructed landscape.

Listen below.

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