Eryn Allen Kane's name has been floating around for a minute now, working with artists such as Towkio, Chance The Rapper and Saba. Now we get to see the Chicago-based artist hold her own - which she does so gracefully on her debut track 'Have Mercy'. She soothingly sings over finger snaps and harmonies, allowing us to focus on her compelling vocals.

Speaking about the track, she told The 405, "I don't want to impose my own meaning for 'Have Mercy'. I can say that I wrote it from a very disheartened place, but I'd like to leave it to the listeners to decide what it means for them individually." The track is accompanied by a video that only magnifies the emotion conveyed by Eryn.

Her debut EP, Aviary, is on its way soon so it won't be long before we hear some new material.