After jumping over to Cascine, producer et aliae took helm of her fellow label mate's Lemonade on her adventurous remix of 'Come Down Softly'.

The original blasted with its own veneer of bedroom pop polish, so et aliae was well in her comfort zone for her more dance-happy rendition. Her newest venture features a bit of the proud lambast of her previous remixes for the likes of Kero Kero Bonito and Ryan Hemsworth's Secret Songs series - heavy pop gloss, but minimal overbearing on the art-for-art's sake side. Indeed, her various work seems to be an obvious inclination of why Cascine would be looking out for her future.

Stream the 'Come Down Softly' remix below. Et aliae's debut EP on the label will be out early next year.

Lemonade are currently on tour through the U.S. Check the remaining dates here.

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