In a desperate attempt to suck you into their album campaign for their second album, Rituals, Fenech-Soler have remixed one of the stand out tracks from one of the years stand out albums... and you know what, I think it just might work.

Don't Try is the glorious epilogue to Arc by Everything Everything - an album bursting with ideas and clouded lyrical intensity. This remix allows both the melody and the content of the lyric sheet to breath and take the room within the song it needs to do it justice. Although I think the beauty of Everything Everything is that they hide so many messages in their songs by throwing everything into your face at once, I think 'Don't Try' really benefits from this treatment. How it subtly builds around the vocal to it's peak is truly great. It feels like a controlled explosion, a close up of the mushroom cloud unfolding, the solitary bead of sweat running down your cheek and kicking up the dust. Like kissing your long lost girl in the middle of a bar brawl, tankards and tables smashing in slow motion around the force-field of your rekindled passion. Can you feel all that?

Perhaps I watch too much television. Listen and decide for yourself. We think it's worth shouting about.