Ready to vibe out completely and be utterly blasted off into a low orbit of the Earth? Well then let's get totally intergalactic with LA producer Joe Kay. He's done a little edit of Evil Needle's track 'Rendez-Vous' (feat. Sivey) – a space-age future hip hop joint in its original form, but now evolved into something else in one of Joe Kay's seemingly infamous slow edits.

Ya you guessed it, 'Rendez-Vous' has been super-slowed, an ant walking through treacle, a slow spell cast all over it, chopping up the beat to turn it into a stylised stumble of heavy percussion. Sun-distorted synth spills all over the place, dripping through the thick 'n' funky low-res bassline, all the while wavy chords hazing everything up. We're floating right now.

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